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Satyaki PRV
My earliest research experience was at the Tole Lab in TIFR, Mumbai where I

studied mouse forebrain development. For my PhD, I moved to Cornell University where I worked with Dan Barbash and uncovered the role of two Drosophila hybrid incompatibility genes in regulating transposons and
satellite DNA. I then moved to the Gehring Lab at the Whitehead Institute to
study epigenetics and seed development.  My non-scientific interests include history and science fiction.
Naiyara Ahsan

As a M.Sc student in the Satyaki Lab, I am employing computational techniques to explore mutations in Arabidopsis thaliana. My past research experience includes investigating biomarkers and interventional outcomes in vascular disorders, as well as gene expression patterns in leukemia and Drosophila embryogenesis. If I’m not at the lab, you can find me around the city with my camera pressed to my face, jamming out on my guitar, or at the Pan Am pool.
Alefiyah Baharainwala

I completed my BSc in cell and molecular biology at UofT St. George. In my third year, I did an independent research project course in immunology, supervised by Dr. Stephen Juvet lab. There, I studied the effects of acute allograft dysfunction (ALAD) on TGFβ and IFNγ following lung transplantation in patient-derived cells. However, after taking a plant development course I discovered a passion for plant biology. I chose to do my fourth-year thesis in the lab of Dr. Nambara, where I characterized the effect of MYB36 co-expressed genes on lignin in Arabidopsis Thaliana. I now aim to hone my skills as a plant biology researcher in the Satyaki lab. My hobbies include scuba diving and watching movies.
Undergraduate Researchers
Aarushi Vardhan
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